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Keep In Mind: Order Prices Don’t Include the VAT

When ordering professional academic writing on our website, it’s important to remember that the VAT is automatically added to the price of an order for customers from the EU. We have thousands of customers from all over the world so we have to support different types of payment and different currencies. Therefore, if you don’t pay for your order in US dollars, you should be aware of an additional fee. All the customers who pay for their orders in a currency different from the US dollar must pay a fee related to money transaction systems. This fee is calculated for the total cost of the order.

Check out our price list for prices in different currencies. We only provide exact prices for services in the US dollar. If you are looking for a price in a different currency, we can only calculate an approximate price. The reason is that these prices change depending on the rates of the European Central Bank. You should also keep in mind that you won’t get the VAT back if you use our money back guarantee.

Loyalty program

All our customers can take advantage of our Loyalty Program to pay for their future orders. When you pay for your order with pages on our website, we give you bonuses. The amount of bonuses depends on the price of your order.

  1. Make your order, pay for it, approve it.
  2. Get a 10% credit from the amount paid with your credit card.
  3. Pay for your next order using bonuses.

Just buy more papers and you’ll get more bonuses! Thanks to this program, some customers order papers for free because they pay with their bonuses.

Discounts and Bonuses

We offer two types of special discounts:

10% discount
for orders that cost more than $1,000
5% discount
for orders that cost more than $500

You won’t be able to get a discount code if your order costs less than $30. Our discounts are not refundable and cannot be combined.


Keep in mind that the VAT is for the EU customers only and it isn’t included in the total price of your order.


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