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Revision Policy

We care about the quality of our services and we do everything possible to provide you with the academic assistance of the highest quality. If you ordered a paper on our website and you are not completely satisfied with it, we can always revise it. Any our client can request up to three revisions if they meet the requirements described below.

If your new instructions on a revision correspond to your initial guidelines, we will ask our expert to make the requested changes. The Quality Assurance Department will check your new instructions and compare them to your initial guidelines. If our experts find any contradictions, we will reject your request.


You can ask for a revision by clicking the corresponding button. You can find this button in the Control Panel. You need to check your paper before you decide to send the document for a revision. You also need to do it before you approve the paper.

In case you need to send your paper for a revision after you have already approved it, please make sure to contact our Support Team, and then tell our representatives what is the time frame and describe your new instructions. If we cannot complete the revision within the specified deadline, we will refuse to revise your paper.


You can ask us for a revision at any moment if you haven’t approved your order yet. If the order is approved, you still can ask for a revision within a week. If your paper is longer than 20 pages, this period is changed to 2 weeks. If you receive the first version of the assignment before the initial deadline, the whole order will be considered completed on time.

Number of Revisions

If your new instructions meet all our requirements that are described in more details above, we will do up to 3 revisions. Don’t forget that you can provide as many instructions as you want when asking for the first revision.

If we see that your request doesn’t meet the requirements described above, it means that you need to make a new order. You can provide all the guidelines and specify all the necessary details in this new order.

You have only fourteen days after the moment you received the last edition of your paper to approve your order. If you don’t contact us within two weeks, your order is considered approved.